Kenya, July 2013

Our trip to Kenya has been fantastic, eye-opening and very informative. We have experienced the need that exists in pastor Eric’s ministry and have come to know his heart. I believe there is a place for us here and will wait on God to open the doors to move forward in this partnership with pastor Eric and his wife. We started our trip visiting HIV orphans who have free treatments available to them but whose guardians can’t always afford the travel to get the treatments. These orphans are living with grandma’s and other relatives that are very poor. We found out a 9 year old boy was responsible for 2 of the orphan’s. Most of these orphan’s have no man in their life. It’s a desperate situation and some will end up with full blown aids.
We also had the pleasure of visiting pastor Eric’s pre-school that he started this year. He started with 2 children and it has grown to 45 beautiful grab your heart children. Pastor Eric and his wife are doing a great job in very difficult conditions with their school.
We then flew up to Lodwar which is a very impoverished area of Kenya. We visited a Refugee camp of about 2,000 people where we did a medical out reach and food distribution. We were able to see 1,000 patients and give food to the whole camp. They all were very grateful as they don’t have enough food for their families and need to walk 45 minutes for water. Medical care is something very few of them get.
We were also able to visit some Trukana villages to talk with some of the villagers and learn about them and their needs. Many Trukana’s must walk hours for water, have very little to eat and have no schools for their children.
Before we left Kenya we were blessed with an awesome Safari on the Maasai Mara, one of the premier game parks in the world.
Enjoy the pictures.


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